“That we may present every man complete in Christ”
Colossians 1:28

CUPbearers holds that the transformation of the natural and /or fleshly person into a mature spiritual Christian is a supernatural process. This transformation cannot be accomplished through education and self-effort alone, or by trying to improve the old nature through some system or discipline. It is achieved through the ministry and work of God’s indwelling Holy Spirit in agreement with the Word of God and the active and willing cooperation of the individual, conforming each one to the very image of Jesus Christ (Jn. 15:5).


Robert J. Bingham was born in Beloit, Wisconsin and was assured of his salvation at 17 years of age. Bob attended the University of Colorado, then volunteered for the US Army, serving two years and returning to the University of Colorado where he studied aeronautical engineering. He then received a B.A. in Applied Religion from Rockmont College in 1962 and was ordained that same year in the Evangelical Free Church of America.

Bob’s first ministry experience was serving as an assistant for three years (1957-1960) to Paul Eiselstein, a missionary with The American Sunday School Union (now American Missionary Fellowship). He assisted in supervising and encouraging 64 Sunday Schools and affiliated churches and with various aspects of a related camp (ID-RA-HA-JE), including children’s and high school ministries.

In 1962 Bob and his wife Dorothy were appointed as missionaries with the Overseas Christian Servicemen’s Centers (now Cadence International), and served with them for 21 years, 17 of those years serving at three different military bases in the Philippines. Hospitality and discipleship training became the focus of those years with hundreds of lives being touched for eternity.

A change of ministry came in September of 1982 when he joined Scope Ministries (a biblical counseling ministry headquartered in Oklahoma City). This led to Bob’s present ministry, CUPbearers, a discipleship ministry centered on the Lord Jesus Christ located in Englewood, Colorado.

For more than 25 years Bob has pastored the Rocky Mountain Evangelical Free Church in Black Hawk, Colorado, in tandem with his disciplining ministry.

Bob has ministered in the Philippines (1962-1979, 1995, 1998) and a number of other countries in Asia and Europe with OCSC (1962-82), Panama (1996) and in Trinidad (1998). His additional ministry opportunities have been to Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong (2001), and Nepal (2001), China (2006).

Bob and Dorothy parented three (now grown) daughters and four granddaughters. His wife Dorothy went to be with the Lord in 1989. Bob was widowed for four years until the Lord brought together in marriage Dottie Connor, also a widow, in 1993. They minister together in their joint disciplining ministries: CUPbearers/Gracestoration. Together their blended families are composed of seven children and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren


Statement of Faith

“Faithful is he who calls you, and he will also bring it to pass.”
1 Thessalonians 5:24

Our Policies


All of the materials offered on this website are copyrighted. They are offered here to encourage the spiritual growth of the inquirer. These materials may be used and shared freely with others for their spiritual encouragement. However, written permission must be obtained from CUPbearers/Gracestoration for the publication and/or distribution for profit of any of these materials used in part or in whole.

Personal Discipling

CUPbearers and Gracestoration are Christian discipling ministries that are available without charge or financial obligation to those who we disciple. We look to the Lord Jesus Christ to supply the financial needs of these ministries through the gifts of concerned individuals. Those served may freely choose to give unsolicited donations to these ministries. All gifts are graciously and thankfully received. An official receipt will be issued for all tax-deductible donations at the end of each calendar year upon request. CUPbearers, Inc. is a recognized charitable 501c(3) organization by the US Internal Revenue Service. The CUPbearers’ Board of Directors determines the use of all donations.

Orders and Payments

Materials may be ordered via e-mail or by telephoning (303) 761-5005. An invoice will be sent with the materials including their cost and postage for mailing. Payment may be made by check or money order upon receipt of the materials and we also accept credit card and debit card payments. For international shipments please call to make arrangements – prepayment will be appreciated.