Shepherding Grace Ministries
“Discipling Disciples”

Shepherding Grace Ministries focuses its people and its discipling ministry on the Grace and Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe the transformation of the natural and/or carnal person is a supernatural process which cannot be accomplished through education and self effort, nor by trying to improve the “old nature” or “flesh” through some system or discipline. Transformation can only be achieved through the ministry and work of God’s indwelling Holy Spirit in agreement with the Word of God and the active willing cooperation of the individual. Therefore, our goal is that the Lord Jesus Christ in actuality and in function becomes the very Life of the Christian disciple who then will disciple others in like manner.

Q.  Is Shepherding Grace Ministries just another Christian counseling organization?

Q.  Do you put much emphasis and focus on an individual’s past in the discipling process?

Q.  Do you work with marriage relationships in your discipling?

Q.  In discipling couples, do you put undue pressure on one or the other spouse to carry the blame for not submitting or performing their “duties”?

Q.  What kind of people do you work with?

Q.  How effective is your discipling ministry?

Q.  How does the Word of God and prayer with the individual fit with the discipling process?

Q.  What is your theological platform upon which you disciple?